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The peat sauna is a relaxing experience for your health and beauty.

The peat is applied to damp skin - always reaching the toes - and allowed to affect about 20-25 minutes.

(In the treatment room of LehtoPetat you can take a relaxing massage when you are in the sauna area , which takes about 40 minutes to complete)

The temperature of the sauna is kept at a maximum of 60 degrees , so the steamers also enjoy the ones who do not like hot steam. The peat also cools well, as it is not preheated for sauna care, such as funeral treatments.

In addition to bathing, the peat should be watered with water to keep it moist . A good way of keeping the peat wet is, for example, a spray bottle.

When the rewarding peat experience is over, rinse the peat off with clean water and, if desired, sponge mushrooms.

You do not need soap because the Therapy is antiseptic and has a detoxifying effect. Let's hear if your skin needs a lotion after the sauna. In general, ointments or greases should not be used the same day to prevent the peeling effect of the peat.

After bathing, you are lighter, relaxed and your skin feels refreshed, soft and firm.

- Heals the muscles

- Peel and moisturize the skin

- Soften your skin

- Heals acne

- Relax

- Put your metabolism in motion

- Removes liquid

- Relieves rheumatic pain (especially rheumatoid arthritis). Humic substances in the peat, that is, the gums bind the slags, the rheumatoids themselves, and improve the regeneration of your cells and the hormone function.

- Helps menopausal and gynecological ailments

In the sauna, the peat massage is enhanced because the warm sauna extends your pores and so the trace elements and biological ingredients are absorbed and activated in your skin better.

When used regularly, peat treatments improve peripheral blood circulation, self cleansing and regeneration mechanisms and help maintain the skin's own moisture balance.

1. Protect the blades with very plastic , cloth or even old lacquer So you can save the entire saunas after "turbulence". The peat also tends to be absorbed into the tree tight, so it is worth hedging.

2. You were then going to a traditional sauna or turf, so be sure to remember the liquefaction, that is, drink before the sauna.Turkey therapy will inject your metabolism and remove water from your body faster than the traditional sauna. When you keep the concerns of hydration, so also saves you from possible headaches.

3. Before spreading peat, it is best to go steaming until you start sweating. This way the pores will open and enhance the effects of peat.

4. Apply warmed peat at room temperature or in a water bath to your whole body or locally eg at the pain site. We recommend spreading peat on damp skin - you can also apply it to dry skin - so rich enough that your skin is not heard.

5. If the peat will dry and stain, be sure to water the turf with water. The peat should be kept damp during the whole bathing season. If the peat has become dry, it also sticks more firmly to your skin and you can rinse and pry it harder when you wash it.

6. Be in the sauna according to your own well-being. Usually in the safety bar there are 20-25 minutes in order to keep the peat needle long enough.

ps. At home, you can repeat sauna treatment 1-2 times a week."


  • Hei Kaija,

    Suomen kesä, kiirettömyys, järvi, sauna ja pöydän antimet, siitä on vaikea laittaa paremmaksi :)

    Kuulostaa enemmän kuin mukavalta ja varmasti on ollut todella hieno ilta.

    ps. Kiitoksia kommentista Kaija.

  • Olimme työporukan kanssa yhden työkaverin mökillä savusaunassa. Turvetimme itsemme ja nautimme saunan pehmeistä löylyistä. Sitten pulahdimme Saimaaseen pesemään itsemme turpeesta. Oli elokuun loppupuoli ja vesi vielä mukavan lämpöistä. Sitten nautiskelimme pöydän antimia. Oli mukavan pehmoinen ja rento olo vielä seuraavanakin päivänä.

    Kaija Hannula

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